Ferrari S.p.A.


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Ferrari S.p.A.

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Ferrari's cars are synonymous with speed, power, and exclusivity, and they have a long and storied history in motorsports, including Formula One and endurance racing. One of the hallmarks of Ferrari cars is their unmistakable design. They feature sharp lines, aggressive styling, and an instantly recognizable logo.

On and Off Track Performance and Customization Options

Color Change Wraps

Revolutionize your Ferrari with a color change wrap by Supreme Wraps. Your Ferrari may be recognizable, but make it unforgettable... choose from hundreds of color and finish options to tailor make your Ferrari to your personality.

XPEL Paint Protection

Driving your Ferrari to the fullest requires the best in paint protection. With Supreme Wraps' XPEL Paint Protection Film, you can trust to drive your Ferrari the way it deserves to be, with peace of mind knowing you're protected wherever the road may lead you.

Elegant by Choice.
Disruptive by Design.

Enhance the unmistakable sound of the Italian motor with a finely tuned exhaust from Supreme Wraps. We have exclusive exhausts for your Ferrari from Tubi, Capristo, Ryft, and more.

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